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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The University of Leeds International Concert Series inspires and enriches lives through access to exceptional music.

The University of Leeds International Concert Series engages and inspires audiences through memorable and enjoyable musical experiences. Composers and performers from the School of Music appear alongside international musicians in the spectacular Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall. The diverse programme enriches the cultural life of the city of Leeds.

Music is a global language. Music unites people in unique ways. Music is creative and emotive. The University of Leeds International Concert Series provides a live setting for music, connecting artists and audiences, providing exclusive musical experiences for each individual.

Artistic Statement

Artistic excellence

Committed to quality, the University of Leeds International Concert Series employs high-calibre, professional musicians from the international stage. Concerts are of the highest standard, meeting and exceeding the expectations of audience members with challenging, memorable and enjoyable performances.

Culture in Leeds

The University of Leeds International Concert Series enriches the cultural life of Leeds. Collaboration with other leading arts institutions facilitates the sharing of musical and creative ideas, delivering them to larger audiences and further strengthening the cultural offering of the city and wider region.

Supporting emerging talent

The Concert Series nurtures young musicians, providing a platform for student performers and composers, facilitating professional development through a range of masterclasses and workshops, and offering performance opportunities for alumni performers.


Each year the University of Leeds International Concert Series presents a diverse range of musical genre, presenting innovative, creative and interesting programmes, exhibiting the work of notable and lesser known composers from musical history. Committed to new ideas and contemporary music, the Series promotes the work of current composers, as well as embracing the research and pioneering work of academics in the School of Music.


Every concert delivers accessible music for the University community, the city of Leeds and beyond. Friday lunchtime concerts are free to attend, accessible to all, providing a welcoming environment and a positive cultural experience. Concerts are free to all students and under 16s, promoting music to young people and enabling them to access the University’s cultural offering.