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Introducing ... CONCERTS +

CONCERTS + will supplement our usual Concert Series events and aims to reach a wider audience, with informal performances, a variety of online content, social events and much more.

From any-genre open mic nights in Clothworkers Bar to online interviews with Concert Series musicians, and music quiz nights to contemporary installations, CONCERTS + offers something for everyone!

Watch our social media or sign-up to our e-news for information about upcoming events.

Podcast, 'Behind the Mic'

Open Mic Nights

Our next Open Mic Night

Our next concerts+ Open Mic Night will be: Friday 17th May | 7:00pm. Free admission - no booking required.

This is our last open mic of the academic year!

Sign up to perform

Are you a student at the University of Leeds? We'd love to see informal performances from all music students and members of LUUMS - sign-up now to ensure your performance slot at the next event!

Highlights from our previous nights

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Solo Bass Guitar Music by Alice Waters

As a relatively young instrument, the history of the bass guitar is compelling. Logically, its most recent predecessor and what it was created to replace is the double bass – whose lineage is complex in itself. The string family began in Europe in the 15th century, but historians have not agreed whether the double bass originates from the Viol family or the violin family...

Contemporary Music Festival 2023 by Jennifer Lucking

The University of Leeds International Concert Series is hosting a Contemporary Music Festival, beginning with a lunchtime performance on Friday 10th February, and is comprised of six concerts, running until Friday 17th February. Here at the concert series we are looking forward to an exciting week as this is our premier contemporary music festival...

Genre Diversity in the Concert Series by Jennifer Lucking

From Folk to Barbershop to Gamelan, the University of Leeds International Concert Series has it all. In the past month, our Concert Series has hosted a wide range of concerts including solo bass guitarist Dave Edwards, whose original works draw on jazz, classical and electronic styles...

concerts+ COMPOSERS

Next event (May 2024)

REQUIEM: Ed Cooper x LSTwo | Thursday 9 May | 5:30pm

Previous event (Feb 2023)

Ben Adamson - Sound and Purpose: An Exhibition of Sound Art | Wednesday 15 February | 6:00pm

Previous event (March 2023)

Feedback Everywhere All The Time | Wednesday 8 March | 5:00pm

Previous event (Dec 2022)

Kathryn Williams & Ed Cooper | Wednesday 14 December | 5:30pm