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Klezmerish: Music of the Travellers

Thomas Verity (clarinet) Concettina Del Vecchio (accordion / violin) Rob Shepley (guitar / violin) Marcel Becker (double bass)

 Klezmer-ish is what happens when four classically trained musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra let down their hair, explore a wide range of music from across the world and fuse it all together into their own unique sound. Join us for a heady mixture of tunes and influences from Jewish klezmer music and Celtic folk to Argentinean tango and Django Reinhardt-style gypsy jazz…music of the travellers! A performance full of of variety, discovery and entertainment.

“A complete and utter transportation to any cobbled, bohemian street in Eastern Europe…resplendent with quirky off-beats and pretty melodies” (The Sphinx)

**** “a real box of delights, played with evident pleasure…hugely enjoyable freewheeling solos which showcase their dexterity and talent” (Arts City Liverpool)

 Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall
Admission Free

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