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Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson performs new music for clarinets

Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson (clarinet, bass clarinet and contra bass clarinet)

Hans-Joachim Hespos – sp-aay for solo bass clarinet (2004)
Arne Sanders – Etym for solo bass clarinet (2007)
Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler – L´HOMME SANS APPARTENANCE for contra bass clarinet and electronics (2014) (english premier)
Mic Spencer – Ungrund III b for solo clarinet (2010)
Helmut Lachenmann – Dal Niente (Interieur III) (1970) for solo clarinet

Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson plays solo contemporary repertoire for the clarinet, bass clarinet and the contrabass clarinet. A roller coaster of styles are presented in this program with a mixture of new and old composers. There are pieces by Hans- Joachim Hespos, Arne Sanders, Elikowski- Winkler (english premiere), Mic Spencer and Helmut Lachenmann. The
pieces are extremely short or long, amplified with electronics or on the brink of perceptible softness. Including the piece Dal niente by Helmut Lachenmann the concert is bound to keep ears open.

Ingolfur Vilhjalmsson is an Icelandic clarinet player based in Berlin. As a soloist he has a great preference for the bass clarinet and has initiated and premiered many pieces by composers of his generation. He has played on most prominent festivals of new music like Darmstäder Ferienkurse, März Music Berlin, Ultraschall Berlin and Ultima Oslo. He is a member of
Adapter ensemble and has played on many recordings with the ensemble and festivals.

Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall
Admission Free

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