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Event 49: Contemporary Music Weekend 2: Tradition / Innovation

Ensemble Brumaires

Mark Knoop (Piano) Ian Pace (Piano) Nick Reed (Percussion) Serge Vuile (Percussion) Alistair Zaldua (Conductor)


Black Nebulae, James Dillon (two pianos)

Hi-Hat and Me, Matthew Shlomowitz (solo percussion)

brumaires, Alistair Zaldua (two pianos and two percussion)

Sonata for Two Pianos, Brian Ferneyhough

Sonatas for Two Pianos and Percussion, Bela Bartók,

In their first ever concert together Ensemble Brumaires perform a programme of work for: two pianos, percussion solo, and piano and percussion. Bartók’s major work, Sonatas for Two Pianos and Percussion, is the main reference point for the concert; this piece represents Bartók’s interest in rethinking the percussive character of the piano by adding percussion to create an innovative sound world. Brian Ferneyhough’s explosive work examines further ways of extending the sonata form to its expressive limits while James Dillon’s idiosyncratic writing reflects his interests in a lyrical music derived from the piano resonances themselves. Zaldua’s work employs the full quartet to create highly colourful music performed as if by a singular instrument. Matthew Shlomowitz’ solo completes the large range of characters by examining the existential relationship between the performer and a Hi-Hat.

Tickets: £10, £5 Students (pre-concert and interval bar available)

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