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Event 40: Adel Salameh (ud) Jacob Heringman (lute)

The European lute and the Middle Eastern oud descend from a common ancestor. Two distinguished performers, Adel Salameh (oud) and Jacob Heringman (renaissance lute), present a programme which describes by musical means the journey of the lute from the Middle East to Europe in the Middle Ages, and which explores the Eastern and Western heritage of this wonderful instrument.

 The programme includes

–solo repertoire from both traditions

–medieval European dance music from the time in which the influence of Middle Eastern music was rapidly spreading into European musical traditions, played by both performers together

–duo improvisations which explore the two instruments’ sonority, commonality and difference

This performance will be followed by a public workshop with Adel and Jacob on the development and playing techniques of their instruments. Performers and observers welcome.

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