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Anarchiving Resonance

‘Anarchiving Resonance’ – Scott McLaughlin & Jess Aszodi (work-in-progress performance and workshop)

Scott McLaughlin and Jessica Aszodi present a performance of a collaborative work-in-progress, a performance installation where the audience can move around and listen far or near; including close-up listening with wireless headphones. The piece is a performative exploration of human and material agencies interacting. We use the voice as a ‘tool’ to activate cymbals, as wells of resonant potential. Then draw-out sympathetic resonances, carrying them between cymbals to find connections, exciting and sustaining their ‘thing-power’.

The piece draws on Donna Haraway’s situated kin-making and shared ‘becoming-with’ in Staying with the Trouble, as well as various ideas of performative-ontology and ‘anarchiving’. A vibrating object is a kind of archive, a memory of previous resonances, a set of intersecting and overlapping possibilities. We anarchive this by using the voice to focus on the ‘formative movements going into and coming out of the archive’, generating a new ‘taking-form’ and ‘lures for further process’. (Manning & Massumi)

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Great Hall, University of Leeds

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