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Coming Up For Air

Kathryn Williams (flutes, voice, objects)

A collection of pieces, each limited to a single breath. Composers include Chaya Czernowin, Eleanor Cully, Federico Pozzer, Jenny Jackson, Larry Goves, Megan Grace Beugger, Sarah Hennies, Scott McLoughlin, and many more, including several new works by University of Leeds composers.

Coming Up For Air explores the creative possibilities that emerge when pieces are limited to the performance of a single breath. Initially formed as Kathryn’s personal response to recovering from chronic respiratory conditions, the project invites composers to consider their own relationship to breath and the body’s role in performance. The collection currently contains over 100 single-breath pieces and celebrates its inclusivity of composers of diverse ages, experience, and background.

Coming Up For Air has been performed at Deep Minimalism 2.0 (Purcell Room, London), Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (Australia), Snape Maltings, and Constellation (Chicago). An album of 40 single-breath pieces has recently been released on Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds
Admission Free

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