University of Leeds International Concert Series

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Zubin Kanga (piano)

Alexaner Schubert – WIKI-PIANO.NET
Scott McLaughlin – In the unknown there is already a script for transcendence
Kate Neal – Novel Piano
Christopher Fox – Five characters in search of a form

In WIKIPIANO, pianist Zubin Kanga performs innovative new works extending the piano with multimedia.

Leading German composer, Alexander Schubert’s new work features a website that allows the public to compose the score, just like a Wikipedia article, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet culture.

Scott McLaughlin uses a range of magnetic resonators to conjure otherworldly sounds from the piano strings. Kate Neal uses stop-motion animation to create a whimsical exploration of virtuosity. And Christopher Fox combines film and piano in a work that plays games with with genre, style and the rehearsal process.

Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds

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